Meat the Master: The world’s best steak* from José Gordón Debuts at The World’s End Market


Hailing all carnivores! The World’s End Market is delighted to be the first in the UK to serve what has been described as the finest meat on earth from world-class meat connoisseur, José Gordón.


Very few restaurants from José’s homeland in Spain, let alone the world have been lucky enough to boast his distinguished cuts of meat and The World’s End Market is fortunate to launch a permeant collaboration with José Gordón.


The new menu at The World’s End Market will include tender cuts include Carpaccio from the Entrecôte which is matured for 180 days in high-quality olive oil, Flank Steak from the Vacio de Buey, and Cured Premium Ox of the Cecina de Buey variety. A high quality and detailed process, the meat is dry-aged individually to ensure the most succulent and flavoursome finish for a taste, texture and experience like no other.


An excellent addition to the culinary offerings of The World’s End Market, José Gordón chose to collaborate with The World’s End Market after sharing mutual respect and philosophy with co-owner, Sergey Men.


José Gordón raises, ages and cooks his meat to the very highest of standards. An hour outside the Spanish town of Leon, José’s the hugely successful restaurant, El Capricho Proprietor offers seasonal and locally sourced dishes which adapts to an ever-changing menu while a carefully selected wine list balances old and new world vintage labels.


Flooded with natural light and boasting some of the freshest ingredients in London, The Worlds End Market is located in the grandeur of the Grade 2 listed building on Chelsea’s famous King’s Road. This new and exciting partnership with mouth-watering meats will attract culinary connoisseurs from across the UK to experience some of the greatest blushing cuts from Spanish meat master José Gordón.


Notes to Editors: This bustling eatery is located an iconic Grade 2 listed building which formerly housed the World’s End Pub, with welcoming interiors flooded with natural light and design features that give the space a charming 1930’s canteen aesthetic. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere is enhanced further by renowned street artist, Ninth Seal, whose exclusive artworks hang throughout the venue. The restaurant has even integrated reclaimed materials from the Harry Potter Hogwarts set, such as an impressive intricate wooden door frame casing the restaurant’s extensive wine selection.

*The Daily Telegraph - Is this Spanish farm home to the world's best steak?

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